A face waiting for eternity
Glowing soft twilight afternoon

Two eyes lost in the realm of eyes standing face to face.

I know this is a false game.
Suddenly the full moon behind the clouds

With a momentary peek of love
The cruel negligence began again.

A wizard man

Khiru is lying on his back like the most lazy animal in the world! Khiru’s mind is not good today. He is often unnecessarily upset. He is also trying to find out the secret.
Khiru is a science student. He has a good idea about science, but he is deeply aware that sometimes things happen to him that he can’t find an explanation for.
One day Khiru was sitting in a park feeling sad. Suddenly an old man came and sat beside him. The man’s clothes made him look poor. She is wearing a sewn Punjabi but it is very clean.
Khiru’s mind was suddenly aroused by curiosity. So many empty benches in the park came and sat next to me. What is the purpose?
Khiru asked with a dry cough, uncle where is your home? What do you do?

The gentleman said nothing. Silently bored looking up. As if he is in a trance.
Khiru asked for the second time, can you hear uncle?
This time the gentleman regained consciousness. He said, “Did you say something, father?”
Then he said yes I wanted to know about you.
The gentleman said, I have no identity. Who am i I have been searching for the answer for sixty years.
Khiru said, did you find the answer?
The gentleman said, “I have found that it is full of darkness, arrogance, greed and selfishness.”
Khiru said, what are you saying?
The gentleman said I was right. Hearing this, Khiru’s interest in the man increased.
Then …….

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