From what I have experienced in this short life experience, the matter of happiness is actually associated with the whole mind. If we feel unhappy even after all our needs have been met, then we are really unhappy. And if we think we are happy, then we are happy despite having disappointed and empty hands.

What is love?

“Love is like a raw vegetable, it is spoiled. That’s why love has to be hidden in the chest. The chest is like a very cold fridge. Nothing is spoiled here. The colder the chest, the more love there is in the chest.”
“The mind has to be like water, even if you give a thousand spots, you will not get spots”
“It’s okay to suffer in someone else’s grief, but it’s not okay to suffer in your own grief!”

Rebel poem

Let the sky tremble, hey young man, to hear your roar,
And no woman should be raped and die.
A rich man trembled at the porter’s threat,
May the dying be refreshed by your touch.
Because of your efforts, the fire in the oven of the unfortunate one burns three times,
On your arrival, there is an endless water fair in the desert.

Life is not bed of roses

Today the body is not so good. How the mind is burdened like a cloudy sky. After a long time, I suddenly wanted to write a little.

It is difficult to say when the human mind is sitting.
The subject I am writing about today is the life story of a girl from a lower middle class family.
There are probably very few words in the world that are as awkward as the word ‘middle class’. If we analyze the reason for saying so, the story will not be told again today. So I did not go there.

The girl’s name is Aduri. His life is completely opposite to the name. His house will most likely be in the south. If I didn’t know the biography of how cruel life is and how smooth it is, I would have remained unaware. Aduri, who is studying for a master’s degree, was sitting under a tree in the streets of Dhaka, tired of selling flowers. There is a clear impression of growing up in his absence.

The lack thing is very strong. It makes people struggling. Again, lack sometimes makes people shameless in the eyes of people. Aduri, however, ate the shameful thing mixed with water at that young age.

Sometimes it is better to make Lajja with water and eat it. There is no benefit in keeping hunger in the stomach and shame in the eyes. But no matter how much I give motivational lectures, at the end of the day people are just covered in shame. I am very shy myself.

Let’s talk about Aduri. He is the eldest in the family. When he looks at his father’s face, he feels like a huge burden. The simple girl of the village decided to rush to Dhaka one day. The parents do not agree with this decision at all.

Yet she is not a girl to give up. When he first came to Dhaka, he fell into a trance. He cannot afford to send any money from home. After many attempts, he got a job in a showroom to give dharna to people.

But there is a saying “Wherever the loser goes, the sea dries up.”
Everyone, including colleagues, treated her badly because of her ugly appearance. Born with an ugly face in the world is probably a birth sin! Every day, after returning home from duty, she went to the washroom invisible to her friends and cried uncontrollably. Sometimes her eyes would swell like patients crying. Girlfriends used to ask Kiri what happened to your eyes. He used to say that he was reading Pokatoka.

But not so much how to do something yourself. And even though she is a master’s student, she is a florist today. It would be wrong to just say flower seller. She is also a good writer. He can write well.

He has also published several books of his poems by saving money from the sale of these flowers. So there is nothing to stop in life.
The cowards, the lazy and the weak stop to look at the sky.
And the hardworking and the brave go out into the sky.
Good luck to all the darlings of the world.


Giving food in the mosque. But one thing I noticed is how many beggars are standing to get their hands but they are not being given any food. I don’t usually bring anything from the mosque. But today I also took food but it is not for me. For an elderly woman standing there. When I handed the food to the old woman, I noticed that some people were staring at me. I also left with a smile. Not great?

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