Poem: Living in the attic

Living in the attic
~Labib Adnan

Day and night, wrapped in a sheet of fog,
Life goes on as fast as life.

Dewdrops falling from the tinshed,
The sea of hundreds of sufferings of the mind is drying up.

What is needed? I’ve done it a hundred times,
But they did not speak, they want to erase all my pain.
But what they don’t know is the depth of the Marianatrench.

Yet I am happy. There is no more sigh because they are there.

The day of martyred intellectuals

Today, December 14 is the day of martyred intellectuals. Today is the day of eternal farewell of the nation’s sun children. On 14 December 1971, the Pak army and its allies, the Razakars, Al-Badr and Al-Shams, were involved in the massacre of intellectuals. 7 of the freedom fighters Just before the last-minute victory, the Pakistanis could anticipate their defeat.

The barbaric Pakistanis lost their way when the freedom fighters were bravely blowing up the Pakistani army one by one. They became mad with extreme revenge for the defeat. Draw a new table. Preparations for the assassination of intellectuals have been underway since December 10.

Originally, the main part of the plan was implemented on 14 December. The identified intellectuals, including professors, journalists, artists, engineers and writers, were forcibly abducted by the Pakistan Army and its allies. About two hundred intellectuals were taken away from their homes that day. They were blindfolded and taken to torture centers in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Rajarbagh and many other places.

There they were subjected to horrific torture. Later they were brutally preserved as Rayerbazar and Mirpur slaughterhouses. Among the martyred intellectuals are- Professor Munir Chowdhury, Dr. Alim Chowdhury, Professor Moniruzzaman, Dr. Fazle Rabbi, Sirajuddin Hossain, Shahidullah Kaiser, Professor GC Dev, Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta, Professor Santosh Bhattacharya, Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Journalist Khandaker Abu Taher, Nizamuddin Ahmed, SA Mannan, ANM Golam Mostafa, Syed and others. Many.

But what was the crime of these best children of the nation? This deep and heinous conspiracy is only to break the backbone of the Bengali nation by making it incompetent. O son of the sun of the nation, we will never forget you.

A middle class Father

The father laughs out loud even when he is seriously ill because the child will think. It’s hard to laugh, but with an artificial smile, he says, “Dad, everything will be fine.” I’m fine, you study with your mind, father. And even if we children remember such selfless fathers, we should study at least fifteen or sixteen hours a day. By doing something good in life, the father should turn the sick smile into a natural smile. Why is a father like that? Even in death, they do not want to go to the doctor thinking about the world. To the fathers who have great affection. But are they middle-class fathers? Is that what middle-class fathers are like? I don’t know what to do with the fathers. Sometimes I think in silence about what I am doing, what I have been able to do for them. I can’t find any study edge yet. No one can guarantee that I will get any job after finishing my studies in this strange country. However, after many years, I became the owner of a lot of money, but the existence of the sacrificial father that was seen by then disappeared. So what is the benefit of owning so much money? What are the consequences? Yes, I agree, then the wife and children will be there. But what could I do for such selfless fathers. Sometimes I think silently. And I crouched helplessly and sat in one corner of the bed, lost in thought. Keep healthy all the sacrificial fathers who want to pray with folded hands to the Creator. Do not give them any disease, Lord! Do not give them any disease!


There doesn’t seem to be any other telepathy in the world like Mom. The mother is the first to understand the danger and illness of the child from afar. The word ‘mother’ is actually a word of love. Only those who have lost their mother understand what they have actually lost. Losing your mother means losing your heart. So may Allah grant all the mothers of the world a healthy and good long life.


Whenever the sun fall in the western sky
Let’s run away, leaving all the arguments of life in the twilight.
That everlasting nest where two arrows break in the river waves.
Where the waves on the green grass play
Where the sweetheart never neglects the loved one
That’s where I’ll go back again and again no matter how many whales
That’s where I was born. That’s where my nest is.

The life of drama

Girls’ lives are a lot like drama!
In the middle of the day, suddenly leaves her family and enters a completely new unfamiliar world.

You have to fight to adapt to the new environment, new people. Externally does not let anyone understand. Inside, there is a battle with the mind. Although at some point everything gradually became normal.

But in some cases it takes a little longer to get back to normal. On top of that, if the new people lack sincerity, then there is no point.
Within a few years, they would face another new war. Getting a taste of motherhood.

If a man could understand the pain of motherhood, he would take care of his wife twenty-four hours a day during pregnancy. Every girl wants her husband to take extra care of her at this time.

We men will be busy with our jobs for the rest of our lives. However, even if they are from a distance, they are happy to keep track of their wives at least once a day. But many do not have this small sense of responsibility. Three days and four days have passed in various excuses and there is no news of the wife.

And the pregnant wife sits like a hawk waiting anxiously for her husband to call. The wife will say the words of her grief. Married girls can tell their troubles only to their husbands. Don’t tell anyone in your father’s house if you’re worried about him.

So her husband is the only grief sharing box for her. When a person cannot share his grief with anyone, he has mental problems. So every husband should take care that there is no shortage of caring at least during this time.

How strange life!

What strange things happen in life all the time!
Someone has money, cars, houses, everything but a child. They have to spend sleepless nights hoping for a child.

The girl has to digest the bitter words of her husband and relatives.
Someone has to spend a single time with a beautiful mind.
No one wants to be their companion along the way.

On the contrary, there is no shortage of companions with ugly minds. This is a strange pastime! Some people are known as Playboy Play Girl in the eyes of the society without making love in life again just because of having a beautiful look. But in reality, there is no one as lonely as him.

Again, no one is guilty without guilt. Everyone wants to stay away from him because he has a little scary look on his face again. In fact, he can explain to people how kind his mind is. If people come to my mind in their own way, then I should not stay away like this.

In fact, every human suffering in the world is different. Their thinking is different. But one thing is always one! We are all human beings. The inhuman is also a human being, the auliya is also a human being. Some are drowning in the sea of sorrow and some in the sea of happiness. But at the end of the day we are all human!

A bird sits awkwardly in a storm. Then another bird flew up and sat next to him, giving him courage. But we failed there to become human! We don’t do that.

Sad or happiness

Time is running at its own pace. Yet there are moments when it seems as though time is running out. As if not wanting to meet the new sun in the morning. There is no time to waste.

As night falls, birds chirp all over the world. Yet the chirping of pain in his heart does not stop. How many thousands of thoughts come to bed. He is alert next to the sleeping man next to him. Again no one is depressed alone.

How easily a long-lasting bond can be loosened. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Who will understand the thoughts of suffering going on in their neurons. No one will understand!

Yet some people do not want to understand.
Their decision is final. They have no respect for each other, no love. But why do you two walk so much? Why do you want to put such lime on a kachimukhe?

As there is sorrow in the world, so there is happiness. The sad thing in life comes automatically but the happy thing has to be picked up.


As the saying goes, birds fly away and feathers are left.  People leave memories.  How many memories are stored in the album of the mind.  Some lose their mothers, some lose their fathers, some lose their relatives and spouses.  Memories of lost people come and go every day. Memories prefer people to cry!

Memories of joy cry even more.  However, the most painful is the memory of separation!  Because at the time of separation the man loses but the living man loses.  And the pain of losing a living person is more intense than losing a dead person!

The separation is not just of two people, the separation is of two hearts.  Bleeding is normal when two hearts become one.  There can be many reasons behind separation.

  However, it is also possible to be free from unwanted events like separation if you want.  This requires the mindset of making concessions between two people.  Trying to understand each other better.

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