The pain stored in the depths of mind

Nothing can be more unbearable than when a person has to keep his troubles in his mind.  Those hardships then slowly began to spread.

And man is gradually lost in the realm of depression.  Maybe the man is a boy or a girl.  The trouble is that men and women do not know!
However, the pain of not being able to express the pain is very terrible!  It could be love or it could be trouble.  There are some hardships in the world that no one can say.  The suffering that cannot be told to parents is perhaps the greatest suffering in the world.

  There is no saying that only love will suffer.  Apart from that, there are many hardships to be nurtured which cannot be reported to anyone in the world.
Giving an example will clear the matter.

Aparajita studied from Dhaka.  The result of the final year of his honors has come out.  The cost of each month is sent from the village by his old farmer father with great difficulty.  So he studies with his mind.

  The result has been good mashallah.  But there is a problem.  Improv has remained in two subjects of his second year.  Somehow he is able to pass.  Three times he gave improv.  Still can’t pass.  Now he can’t tell anyone about this sadness.

Parents asked the result of the final year?  How long will it take for the mother to complete the honors?  He tries to explain in different ways.  But no one knows his inner pain, no one.  Even though he is undefeated, he is defeated today!

He remembers his parents in the middle of the night.  She cries every night.  But no one can hear this cry except a few crickets.  In addition to invincibility, a boy’s life can have such hidden troubles.  These hidden troubles are very poisonous and terrible!

The pain stored in the depths of the mind

Delightful story

Kadam Ali Bhai’s chatpati and phuchka to eat or extraordinary!  I always hear his praise on the face of his girlfriend Tinni.  Whether the girl nation praises anyone in life or not, Fuchka Waller will be praised.  And if the taste is a little better, then there is no point.  A few days later we will give the results of the final year.  The girlfriends have already promised that if the result is good this time, we will have to feed you Kadam Ali Bhai’s blister.  I said, OK, no problem.

As usual, the result came out, I did well by the grace of God.  This time they have to feed them stubborn phuchka.  I think if the girls had accumulated as much money as they ate, they would have made a lot of money in their last life.  This will reduce the pressure on their husbands.

Anyway, what else to do, I went to Kadam Ali’s shop with them.  The pocket is not so heavy.  I do not know how much the bill raises!  Suddenly his eyes fell on a jhalmuriwala.  The man’s full beard is a helpless magical look.

One book is looking at the sky with frustration.  Not a single customer can be seen beside him.  But next to them, beautiful women are waving like flies next to Kadam Ali, who has an oily face.

I showed the girl to the jhalmuriwala and said, look, he also has a family.  Many lives may have survived with this small business!  If you girls are just fuchkai khas.  Then they will die without eating.

  The girlfriends laughed at me and blew away like cotton.  With their laughter, the laughter of this jhalmuriwala may have flown away like camphor.  Maybe his sales didn’t go well today.  Maybe two kg of rice and 20 rupees fish will not be bought from his market today!  I went to him and asked, uncle what is your name?  He said, Rahmat Ali.

How beautiful!  Ali is at the end of the names of the two.  But there is not much difference between them today because of this beautiful Apugula.  I am telling Sundari Apu, not only to eat Kadam Ali’s fluke, but also to look at the helpless poor Jhalamuriwala Rahmat Ali.
Delightful story

Tips for removing anger

Man is the most conscientious animal.  People can control anger with this conscience.  Now the thing is that there are some people in the society who are very angry, that is, they cannot control their anger.

The brains of those who cannot control their anger are barren.  They are not as advanced as animals.  Excessive anger is a mental disorder, not a healthy one.  One cannot help but wonder what anger can do to us.  People can even stroke for anger.

So what is the way to reduce this anger?  There are ways, of course.  There are some temporary solutions and some permanent solutions.  The temporary ones are known to everyone and these will calm the anger for just a moment.  And there are some permanent solutions.  The temporary ways are: –

When a man gets very angry, he has to go out of the house quietly and sit under a tree and rest.

Girls will not be able to go out if they want to, so if they listen to their favorite songs with headphones in their ears and sit at the reading table to write a little or sit down to read the anger can be reduced.  If it doesn’t work, even if you start tidying the house, the anger may subside.

If you throw a couple of pillows, especially when making the bed, the anger may subside a little.
However, hand phones, pots and pans cannot be thrown away in any way.

And men can’t smoke in any way to reduce anger.  This temporarily reduces the anger, but later the level of anger increases.  However, chocolate can be eaten.  As there is no possibility of harm, anger can also be reduced a bit.

Humayun Ahmed Sir has said many tips to reduce anger.  How do I tell them!
When anger arises, it is counted from one hundred to one or vice versa.  Another thing is that even if you light the match stick one by one, the anger decreases.

The World of interests

Rekha is an impossibly beautiful girl but very poor.  Beautiful girls are poor, but parents do not have to worry about getting married.

  The same has happened with the line.  Rekha was married in an aristocratic house.  Her husband Imtiaz is a high-ranking police officer.

  At the time of the marriage, the people of the father-in-law’s house did not demand anything from Rekha’s parents.  Their words are that the world is completely empty, we want our grandchildren.  We don’t want anything else.

Rekha’s family was having a good couple of years.  Then the unrest started.  That is the world!
If the demand is not met, the familiar form becomes more unfamiliar at one time.

Two years have passed and Rekha’s baby is not raw.
The doctor can show that Rekha will never be a mother.  Yes, the unspeakable torture of mother-in-law and father-in-law started.

  You have to sit up and listen to lies, you are a barren woman.  What could be more bitter for a woman!

Yet the line silently endures all sorrows.  Doesn’t give an answer.  Nistaranga is silent like a river and tears flow silently.

  And the fruit of patience is sweet.  Rekha tries extra to protect their minds.  Yet their minds do not reach.

One day his mother-in-law grabbed his hair and hit the wall.  Yet he does not protest.  Mr. Imtiaz is also annoyed with him so he can’t say anything to him either.

Well, a girl does not have children, is it her fault?  Why are people like that?  They don’t even hear anything in their father’s house lest they get in trouble.

This is how he spends his days in the horoscope of hell.  And pray to Allah day and night and give him only one child.

  One day the body of the line suddenly gets worse.  If the doctor shows it, he can know that Rekha is going to be a mother.

When her mother-in-law and mother-in-law heard this news, their violent faces suddenly became magical.  At that moment, the object caught in the rust became a piece of diamond.

The animal that changes color more than the chameleon on earth is the human.  The wife did not know if she had ever eaten once, but now she also noticed if she had eaten milk three times.

These ten months before the baby was born, the line seemed to touch heaven.
But the day Rekha gave birth to the baby, the appearance of all of them suddenly changed again.  Gradually they became more violent than before.  The new story begins.

Story: The world of interests

Mind of girls

The minds of girls are the most tender and mysterious in the world!  So any male human being is easily caught in their soft and mysterious net.

Arif boy is trapped in such a trap.  A year ago, he met a girl from Eden in private.  The girl’s name is Sapphire.  She is not very beautiful to look at but she is talented.

One day Arif is joking with his friend Alam saying that I can take Neela’s Facebook ID if I don’t want to.  Alam says you can’t take Neela’s ID in seven people.  Do you want to see Arif?  Alam says, hmm, see you if you can.  The next day Arif privately asked Neela for a Facebook ID.

Sapphire said, what to do with the ID?  Nothing, just be friends.  Then Sapphire gives the ID.  From then on they started chatting.  At first Arif tries to impress Neela by joking.  Sapphire avoided all this but talked to Arif with interest.

At one stage, Neela Maya was born to Arif.  He proposed to Arif and sat down.  But Arif tried to impress with a funny trick.  Now the poor are in great trouble.  He knows Neela’s family is upper class.  Arif Baker is the son of his lower class family.  He tries to explain a lot to Sapphire.  Sapphire sometimes blocks him in anger and unblocks him again after a while.  They both fell into a trance.  Arif: Is it right to ignore such a high class girl sometimes?

Sapphire again, I offered to the poor boy who is unemployed, if he agrees, will he be able to run the family after marriage?  The two spend their days in such various tensions.  When Arif said yes, I accepted your proposal.  Then Sapphire doesn’t say again, you stand on your own feet first.  Now we are just friends.  This is how their relationship is going on.  One day Arif got angry and blocked Neela.  Sapphire becomes restless to talk to him.

  He contacted her with great difficulty and said, “Okay, you finish your studies too. I will finish my studies too.”  This time again Arif neglected Neela.  He said to Sapphire, you marry someone else.  Give up my hope.  Sapphire cried a lot that day.  Arif also suffered a lot.  Then a few days later Neela got married.  This time Arif realized what he had lost.  People like to find lost and then.

Little girl Sara

Motherless little girl Sara.  She is impossibly cute and playful.  Sarah’s father was an army captain.  Suddenly war broke out in their country.  Her father tries to convince Sarah that she is a soldier’s daughter.  The soldiers’ daughters do not have to cry even if their father goes to war.  His father enrolled him in a residential school and went to war.

  As he was leaving, he told Sarah, “Believe me, I will come back to you.”  Sarah is loved by everyone, including the teacher, as the captain’s daughter at school.  One day news came that Sarah’s father had died.  Immediately the school authorities canceled her admission and kept her as a housemaid in the kitchen.  Began abusing him.

As long as the world is famous, it is appreciated.  Sarah, who used to be kept in the hall of the princess, is now kept in a dilapidated dirty house.  Sarah also had a partner.  She is the same age as Sarah.  Sarah can’t sleep at all in this dirty room.  Waking up at night crying for Dad.  His little girlfriend comforts him.

One day he dreamed that they were sleeping in a beautiful room like before.  When I woke up, I saw that the dilapidated room was decorated with expensive things.  In fact, a gentleman of the house next door has decorated it so beautifully. Seeing this story, the school authorities went to catch Sara and her girlfriend as thieves.  Meanwhile, he does not believe in his father’s death at all.

Every day he goes to the hospital alone to find his father.  But he was not allowed to stay in the hospital.  Disappointed, he returned to school.  But the day Sara is chased as a thief, Sara runs to the hospital to find her father.  Originally Sara’s war-wounded father was admitted to this hospital.  Her father goes crazy for Sarah.  Her father works day and night.

  Then Sara goes to this hospital to look for those bad guys in the school and she takes refuge in a room.  Fortunately, his father was being treated in that room.  And he’s doing the whole sound.  Suddenly he heard a call from the gap in the door and came out to see his lost father.  After getting Sara, her father also became mentally healthy.


I am teaching my student. At that moment, a small child, who had just started walking, entered the room.

I pulled the baby closer to me.  I saw that the child’s face was covered with ink and became like a ghost.

I asked the student why Farabi is in this condition.  The student said, “Sir, they are coming to visit.”

  His mother gave him an eye tip so that he would not be noticed.  Then this situation did sir.

I smiled and started thinking, will you take notice?  What a strange thing!
  My ears have been ringing since I was a child.

  The moment I remembered my childhood.  If I had known as a child, what is the secret of drawing a thick kajal black golla on one side of the forehead?

  Then I would not have allowed such a golla to be drawn.
  I would cry as I wished and move my face from side to side.

  What does eye look?  How do people look again?
It is nothing more than an insult to another human being.
How do I believe this as a science student?  Mister said?
    Yet the mystery remains.  Tell a real story.

  I had a cousin.  Her name was Rupa.
Girls named Rupa are probably always beautiful.
As plump as it looked, the impossibly fair-skinned looked a lot like the fairy children.

Then he will be about four years old.  One evening I was standing by the pond with Rupa.
A man was passing by, the man said the baby is very beautiful!  What happens to you  I said, “Gee my little sister.”
  The next morning, it was suddenly seen that the body of Rupa was sprouting.  The funny thing is that the tossas look a lot like eyes.

Listening to this man, Nanur started blabbering.
My grandson is watching.  Why did you go to the pond with my grandson in the evening?

  In fact, the eye is not a tozer.  It is a kind of skin disease.

Story: Superstition

An unemployed young

Nahid has been unemployed at home for three months.  Nahid’s father is a sick man.  Pulling out the filth of the world, he sat on the bed today and wiped away the tears.  Their family lives on Nahid’s tuition money.

  Passed the Honors and dreamed of a job.  The dream remained a dream.  Tuition is also closed.  Can’t think what can be done.  The rice in the house has also run out.  Sometimes I tell my father to go to work in Baba Raj Mistri?  Her father scolds her.  I will not let you do these things even if you die without eating.  I have studied so hard to do these things?  You don’t have to do any work.  I will go to work from tomorrow.

  Hearing his father’s words, Nahid’s chest or side began to tingle.  He knows that his father will become more fragile if he goes to work with this disease.  Even though he is 25 years old, today he has to depend on his family.  This is probably the victim of reality.

  Tuition aunts call to see if students can read.  Antirao does not say that there is no need to come to the country now.  They are also feeling pity now.  When the student results are bad, then it is understood how much and what is the pity of the students?  Let’s talk about gay.  What will Nahid do in this situation?

  The night is deep and Nahid’s sleep is not deep.  Many dreams come and crowd.  People dream only when sleep is thin.  Nahid has a lot of money in his dream.  He woke up without giving the money to his father.  The night is coming to an end.  Nahid’s thoughts do not end.  The chirping of birds is coming to the ears.  After a while maybe the sun will rise.  But he does not know whether the sun will rise at all in the life of Nahid.

Sad to take care of

After a certain age, every unmarried girl has to face a lot of stress.  Especially girls with higher education have to face such pressure more.  The question may be what are the mental stress?  Our country is a country where education has no value but beautiful value.

People with good character have no value but people with money have value.
When a girl completes Honors, her age is not fairly low.  An unemployed girl who has completed honors has to listen to the insults of various people in her marriage.  At one point, he became a burden to his family.  What could be more tragic than this?

In the developed world though not everyone gets married without finishing school.  And in our country, if a girl wants to get married after completing honors, everyone, including her parents, starts talking about it.
The list of preferences of girls of this age to men in our country also becomes much shorter.  As a result, many boys can’t marry such an old girl.

If the girl is unemployed with him, then no more.  Let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.  Highly educated girls are a little older but a thousand times better than uneducated young girls.

Story: magic

I am teaching my student.  Suddenly the student says to me, well sir can you show magic?  I said, hmm.

  He was shocked to hear this.  Whoever says not to read, the foam rises in his mouth.  After hearing about showing magic, the book is trying to sort everything out.  The request began.
Sir show a magic.

I also have a good knowledge of how to read.  I said, I will show you the magic, but you have to solve all the numbers first.  Everyone is greedy to see magic.  He did all the math like a machine.

This time it’s my turn to show my magic.  I tried the magic with him first.  I noticed that he was trying his best.  But not at all.

Let me tell you what the magic was like this time-

I asked the student to put the head of two martyrdom fingers together.  Then I told him to move his right finger to the front and his left finger to the back.  The game started.  He keeps trying after trying and can’t move around together.

Then I said, “Now look at me. The first time I saw Partesi, he fell from the sky.”  He said, “Sir, teach me a little.”  I said, I will teach you, but you try today.
  Good readers can try it if you want.

I told the student not only to sit down with it but also to complete my reading.  Suddenly at night the student’s mother calls.  I didn’t understand why the call was coming.

His mother smiled and said, “Sir, what did you teach the student? Your student is just moving his finger like crazy.”  I said, don’t worry, it will be all right tomorrow.

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